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How to serve customer queries immediately, at a fraction of the cost of call center.


Gruper is an early stage but aggressively growing group buying portal. The requirement from the customer service perspective is for immediate responses to customer questions that are just to decide about their price bid. Since the profitability per transaction is low, the cost requirement per contact had to be significantly lower than the call center cost (3-5 USD).

InteliWISE provided a HELP Virtual Agent that serves as a first point of contact in the customer support suite, for customer questions, queries and complaints.

Main features

InteliWISE Virtual Agent answers web users’ questions about the group shopping service and helps them find essential information, immediately. In addition, the Virtual Agent is knowledgeable about the most common issues that users may have with the service.

The InteliWISE FAQ Virtual Agent’s main features include:

  • accepting users’ questions in everyday, natural language as a result of AI algorithms supporting the natural language recognition process;
  • providing immediate responses about products and services;
  • offering relevant suggestions to customers, based on activity scenarios;
  • anticipating customers intentions based on the contextual auto-complete search feature.

Location and design

gruper_screen1_successVirtual Agent provides answers in less than 1 second, contrary to over 3–minute on–hold call center average time.


With more than 5,000 interactions, and more than 600 conversations per month*, Help Virtual Agent is the most reliable source of information for client seeking a knowledgeable responses to their questions.

The ROI shows that Virtual Agent is handling answers at a 1/3 of the cost of call center – an average cost per contact (and problem solved) is less than $0.3. Even with the initial traffic, Virtual Agent is handling the amount of questions that at least two live agent @ $1,500 each would have to service.

Aside from benefits related to a great customer experience, InteliWISE Virtual Agent is providing rich insight into customers’ behavior through dashboard and statistical reporting.

* Average numbers, rolling 6 months’ average

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